Sunday, December 29, 2013

last but not least :)

bismillah wassalam,

before the year ended, lets wrote something bout it :)
today is sunday, december 29, 2013

i'm in final year, final semester, studying economics for my bachelor degree. n we are having our final examination period. i've had my first paper on the past 23th december 2013. n three more papers coming on 4th, 6th and 7th january 2014.

planning to go to any gulf country studying arabic language intensively, looking forward to it! ^_^
n having a job waiting after finishing my final paper, whereby, i need to register myself on the 9th january 2014. feeling positive for it. Allahu musta'an. we plan but Allah's plan is better, should be n always be. :)

for those girls who always with me, beside me, n motivate me. i've something for u guys, i do hope i can give it to you, n i hope u'll accept them :)

for that particular person, i've something for u too. n hope u'll like it. but pls, i don't think i'm able to hv serious discussion with u yet. still need time to recover from d "trauma" i'll say. trauma of those terrible feeling while discussing. n i don't think i'm ready to go through that feeling again. stay still. be happy. n pray to Him. Lets do that k. thank you.

to all, i wish for not celebrating my 23rd birthday. pls don't. i just wish to have a peaceful day by myself n thank you for ur understanding.

till then,
wslm :)