Thursday, November 8, 2012


by: sami yusoph, edited by: n.m.


*hasbi Rabbi Jallallah
ma Fi Qalbi Ghayrullah

my Lord Is Enough For Me, Glory Be To Allah
there Is Nothing In My Heart Except Allah

*wo Tanha Kaun Hai
badshah Wo Kaun Hai
meherba Wo Kaun Hai

who Is The Only One?
who Is The King?
who Is The Merciful?

*kya Unchi Shan Hai
uskey Sab Nishan Hai
sab Dilon Ki Jan Hai

who Is The Most Praised And Benevolent?
whatever You See In This World Is His Sign
he's The Love Of Every Soul


*affeder Gunahi
alemin Padisahi
yureklerin Penahi

he Is The Forgiver Of All Sins
he Is The King Of The Universe
he Is The Refuge Of All Hearts

*isit Allah Derdimi, Bu Ahlarimi
rahmeyle, Bagisla Gunahlarimi
hayreyle Hem Aksam Hem Sabahlarimi

o ALLAH Hear My Sorrows And My Sighs
have Mercy And Pardon My Sins
bless My Night And Days


*ya Rabbal ?alamin
salli ?ala Tahal Amin

fi Kulli Waqtin Wa Hin

o Lord Of The Worlds
send Peace And Blessings
on Ta-Ha The Trustworthy
in Every Time And At Every Instant

*imla? Qalbi Bil Yaqin
thabbitni ?ala Hadhad Din
waghfir Li Wal Muslimin

fill My Heart With Conviction
make Me Steadfast On This Religion
and Forgive Me And All The Believers

Friday, November 2, 2012

insya Allah =)


the point is sadness, how u react to it?

cry alone or with others?
but u don't wanna burden them with your problem.

no. it will look awful.
people might thing u've gone crazy.
wanna go to the peak of a mountain just to scream?
owh that's nice, but it's too far.

bottle it up?
and it might affect your behaviour when u deal with others.
they might be affected even u kept silent.
if u kept silent just because u need some space before u recover, they might think they have done something wrong to u which cause u to avoid them.
or it makes u draw gaps between u and your friends. your close friend of course.
never mind, let it be for some time, i'll talk to them later. they will understand.

push it away?without solving them?
it might be a good idea if u don't hv to deal with it again in future.
but this one. it has a long term consequences.

how u control yourself in that particular situation?
it just so hard that make u wanna cry, but u don't.

just cry and let it go?
that's easy to say but hard to apply in some situation.

just cry!
no. shouldn't be. it wouldn't solve the problem.
no, it do help to solve the problem, it helps u to feel better.
but it doesn't help me to solve the core problem.
at least it help u out from depressed which might cost u a real core problem.
hurmm~ that's hard.

u wanna cry but u don't, coz u wanna be stronger
we have Allah, pray to Him
i've, but i know this is my fault,
apologize to Him, He will understand. Allah is the Most Forgiver, the Most Merciful
i've, now i'm sad b'coz i'm sad, i don't know how to overcome it, the problem.
ask Allah, He will give u the answer.
yup, and i'm trying to look for it right now. insya Allah i'll find it soon. ameen.
so, why r u still sad? cheer up.
it's hard, but i'm better right now, alhamdulillah. tq for debating this small issues. u make me become more rational that help me to overcome this sadness.
=) alhamdulillah, that's good.

sometimes, we need rational to avoid emotional which eventually doesn't help us to solve the issue.
sometimes we know the reason behind the sadness, but we still sad because it's teary.
sometimes we've figure out it is our fault though, but we still need time to recover, to rethink and reflect ourself. so that, the same think won't happen again.

if it's sad in the beginning but u manage to become rational again. give thanks to Allah, because He is the one who allow u to become rational again. so, don't forget to say alhamdulillah =)

but if it's sad in the beginning and u just run away from the other issues which suddenly pop out in front of your face. u might cause others to feel bad, and again u face a new problem. there u r, u've double your problem.

now, think before u leap.
if the situation allow u to remain silent, thank Allah, u can remain silent and do whatever needed for u to recover.
but, if the situation need u to respond, need your clarification, or need your rational to give out answer. be professional and try to deal with it properly. don't forget to start with bismillah and refresh your intention. Allah is always there for u, remember that! with Him, no matter how big the problem is, He will help u to manage it till it solved. have trust on Allah. think positive, u'll find that He is helping u out. for sure u'll never regret.

when u feel sad, selawat and zikr repeatedly. istighfar and seek Allah to find your way. insya Allah, everything will be fine. even u need an instant rational answer while u were so deep in sadness and don't want to think of anything else or deal with others, think Allah and do it for the sake of Allah. insya Allah, everything will go smooth.

don't be selfish and neglect others or anything that need your review. be good and strive for it. insya Allah, Allah will reward u with it. don't worry, be happy =)

wa alhamdulillah =)

with love,