Wednesday, May 29, 2013

take 5 :)

Bismillah wassalam'alaik,

hehe :D

mencuri sedikit masa yg sepatutnye diperuntukkan utk belajar :D, ish3 this girl kn, exam2, :D 
ok, let's just straight to the point,

umur kini tidak lagi menjadi benteng kepada sesuatu isu atau keadaan, can i say so? where u can see and witness it by urself, people around u, they r different in terms of age, but the surrounding they sat and grow teach them to be more aware (i guess), independent? and up to date.

yeah, feel like typing an English writing essay when i was in foundation, :)

ok, let's emphasize more on aware or awareness that nowadays child has been up to,
for example, when it was an election wave here and there, up until the election was done, u can see, little children are joining the wave too, they are aware with what's happening around them,i
remember one scene, when my sister and i was waiting for my father to came and fetch us after voting session, while waiting, one of the cars that passes in front of us had a flag waving from its back-seat window, and when it passes us, i saw, the one who hold that flag was not even an adolescence, he's a kid, mantap! :) ok, this is just from one perspective, u can widen the scope by urself into other perspective available :)

i'm not gonna emphasize for the independent point, let's jump to the third point, this is actually where the objective of this post are located :D

ok, teenagers today's are so excited in showing their sense of love to each other, i don't say it's wrong, as to some extend it is not wrong to show ur love to one another :) but the situation here is about muslim, haven't had a halal relationship, yet approaching that level, in shaa Allah, with Allah's will. So now u get the figure right,

k, let's continue,

there's one thing that people like to do when they miss that "somebody" which is usually are special to them, that one thing is ad-du'a, :) it was good, but to some extend i guess it need to be revised and look back, because....

the du'a that single people love to recite is "Ya Allah, sampaikanlah rasa rinduku ini padanya" and so on n so forth. Try to imagine if the recipient, with Allah's will receive that feeling, or suddenly reminded bout u in his or her head, 

and they on their side recite a du'a like this, "Ya Allah, please take him/her away from my mind and make me nearer to You".

do u know what will that mean? it's clear right, i'm not talking bout the recipient feeling, whether that's mean they don't have any feeling towards u or not, what i tried to highlight here is that, if u love that "somebody" so much, let's help each other to protect our iman, 

our iman isn't always at the top, it's fluctuate, so, the best du'a for u to practice if u r in a way same like that individual figures that i'm talking about (single, muslim & approaching marriage level), i do agree that, the best du'a that u can practice is, du'a in istikharah prayer,

"Ya Allah, jika "somebody" adalah yang terbaik untukku, agamaku, hidupku dan matiku, dekatkanlah hatinya dengan hatiku, jika "somebody" bukan yang terbaik untukku, agamaku, hidupku, dan matiku, jauhkanlah hatiku dari hatinya, damaikanlah hatiku dengan ketentuan-Mu ya Allah, ameen."

ok, this is just one example of the du'a, u might hv ur own version, the thing is, let's try our best to protect each other iman by reducing fantasy and get nearer to the reality, i mean just hop on to the reality and left off the fantasy if u able to do so :) 

k, done, that's all,
selamat menjaga hati dan iman,
may Allah bless,
wassalam :)