Thursday, July 25, 2013

m**** dari hati m**** with iman :)

bismillah wassalam'alaik,

how have u been? long time no chat :)

may peace be upon you, may bless, rahmah, and maghfirah of Allah always be with you, ameen :)

a happy day today, alhamdulillah,

dear sweet heart, dear people,
there's a thing (piece of meat) in you, where, when it's good, everything will be good, whereas, if it's bad, everything will be ruined. what is that "thing" we are talking about right now?
yes, it's our heart.

:) today, is my off day, driving from my uni back to home in the morning. while my sista was having her afternoon shift today, therefore, it means that i need to cook by myself for today, yup, alone, but still, accompanied by Allah, in shaa Allah, may Allah blessed. ameen.

i used to cook what i wanna eat from the start of my short break as i'm not taking any short semester for this year, but lately, i try to open my view, letting it bigger, and see what my mom see. whenever she asked to cook something, she always deliver it in a way that giving u the opportunity to decide. but nowadays, i've been compromising with her, and try to cook anything she suggest without putting my option as the one and only decision to be chosen from. today, she suggest me to cook spaghetti which i've never ever gave a try to cook it before and always believed that cooking spaghetti is too complex. but today, alhamdulillah, i've made it! :)

when kaklong back for praying asar (since our working place is just nearby our house), she walked to the kitchen, seeing me doing something;

klong: buat ap tuuuu~?

me: masaaaak~~~ 
klong: eii, gedik la u ni~
me: haha

me and klong, gedik itu mmg sengaja, memeriahkn suasana :D

then after awhile (she'd done her solah and ready to work), she'd came again to the kitchen,

klong: masak apa ngah? 

me: spaghetti~
klong: eee, xsedap la. (she, the one who disliked "mee" type of food, and spaghetti was included in the "mee" family in her food dictionary, heehe)

when the time for iftar started, my family begin to eat, n i was curious to know what will be my parents impression for today's dish.

me: cukup? (while scooping the spaghetti mee to ayah)

ayah: cukup, nk rasa dlu, nnt bru tambah.
umi: mesti sedap punye...

me: (scooping another one plate)

umi: tu utk awak, umi nk amik sendiri.

while eating i'm still eyeing my parents, looking at their reaction while eating, and when ayah had done, he sipped some water, n i'm waiting patiently, see what next, and suddenly, he scooped some more spaghetti mee into his plate, yeay! :)

and umi, she always ate little amount than usual when she break her fast, especially when it comes to rice. but today, alhamdulillah, she'd finished her spaghetti that she scooped herself into her plate :)

when klong back for maghrib prayer, of course she'd break her fast at work first before coming home, we (worker) can't just left the cashier place empty without any cashier :) and as usual, she will first go to the table and see what was there for iftar.

klong: air apa best hari ni?

me: tu atas meja, utk ko, amek  la.
klong: ish, xsedap la. (while seeing spaghetti under the cover/tudung saji on the table)
me: sedap, ce ko rase dlu, aku masak tu~
klong: xsedap.
me: sedap~~

then she scooped a bit into her small bowl, mixing the spaghetti using her fork looking uninterested towards the food. meanwhile, out of sudden, she screamed, 

klong: sedAP la ngah! kenduri kahwin hidang spaghetti la, boleh x? kau masak. haha.

me: banyak la kau, costly kot.
klong: yeke? ala, beli bahan, ko la yg masak, xpayah upah orang.
me: yela, brg2 dy, kalau nk masak utk ramai, mahal jgk la kire.
and klong, silent, looking like pondering upon it. while, me, smile in my heart :) alhamdulillah.

masak dari hati :) masak with iman~ -chef ammar, tv alhijrah-

dear chef ammar,

i like ur motto,
even though ur recipe are barely follow by me because too much ingredient needed are not here at my home, but ur motto is so near to the heart. i believed, masak dari hati will make ur food tasty and delicious. what more if u add iman with it. :) subhanallah, cantiknya Islam. Islam is so beautiful. :)

back kate ayah kung fu panda,

"there's no secret ingredient"

yes, i'm not a good cook type of person. every time when i need to cook, i'll make my mom to read me the recipe first. or else, i'll ask mr. google to give me the recipe :)

yet, when there's a will, there'll always be a way to it. :)

man jadda wajada wa man zaro'a hasoda :)
sehari selembar benang, lama-lama menjadi kain.
dimana ada kemahuan, disitu ada jalan. in shaa Allah. believed!

whatever it is, do it full-heartedly. lillahita'ala. :)

selawat2 and make some du'a :)
moga diberkati. ameen :)

till then, wassalam :)

masak dari hati, masak with iman :)

tuddles~ :)