Sunday, September 23, 2012


bismillah, wassalam'alaik~

sometimes, words doesn't really express our feeling,
some other times, words shouldn't be use to remind our self, setting mind will do better job,insya Allah.

talking bout words, seriously it can do so much thing,
to inform,
to acknowledge,
to ask,
to comfort,
to entertain,
to argue,
to deliver thought,
and so on.
it can do so much thing,
depends on u urself how u use it.
wisely? or trickily?

some people call it a white lie and consider it to be okay, can still be accepted,but somehow i personally find it funny, a lie still a lie, there shouldn't be white lie or black lie or red lie, or whatever name u wanna put on it just to differentiate a lie? ya, ya, u have your own stand, i'm just saying my stand, and i hope i won't be doing it.

however, i will agree if and only if, the lie you put on is about showing love to your spouses in order to protect your marriage, a lie bout ur feeling just to maintain the atmosphere in marriage will be okay included that you do it with conscious mind and aiming to cope those matter arises.may u be grant with sakinah, mawaddah wa rahmah for ur initiative to reconcile with one another.

sometimes, when people telling lies but idk, i can simply ignore it, but when u kept telling lies, it won't do, n my trust to that person who kept telling lies will fade out perpetually. i can't even guaranteed if the trust can be rebuilt or not.

usually i prefer to talk when my friend remain silent :D n if she is my close friend, i can't stop talking unless i saw their tired face, hehe, :D not gud, not gud. if they are not so close to me, i usually will be a bit passive, depends.

in whatever situation it is, words r frequently used, verbally or written on something. when words r not being used, then u'll see expression (body language), sign, symbols or nothing (on written basis).

words alone r not strong enough. with action even without words, it'll be strong,because, action speaks louder than words. in some other cases, in showing ur love towards ur family or whoever u care, actions won't really ring a bell to 'em. u need words to help u express ur love, anxiety, trust, hope and gratitude.


some people goes beating around the bush in delivering a point, some others prefer to straight to the point. usually those who prefer to adopt straight to the point can't really understand information delivered in the other way around, thus it can lead to misunderstanding or unclear conversation. while, if u r in the same shoe as those who kept beating around the bush, u'll find it's hard to communicate with those straight to the point people cause u'll be easily get hurt especially when it comes to a session called "advise".


talking or writing,
honesty is the best policy.

kulil haq walau kaa nal murran.

it's a challenge to maself too. =) it's easy to straight to the point when u do nothing wrong. meanwhile, when it comes to the state where u've done something wrong, it would be a real big challenge on ur self.

@missing my parents, will be calling both of u soon, don't worry, i'll make sure i'll call b4 u've gone to 'kebun', insya Allah =) heart

that's all,

Friday, September 14, 2012

correction, reflection.

bismillah wassalam'alaik~

sollu 'alannabiy.

ahlan wasahlan, n slmt b'kenalan dgn diri ini,
maaf atas segala yg terkurang,
tegurlah mana yg silap,
at least ur reminder to me will be graded by our Lord =)
so, don't afraid to correct me if i'm doing smthg that's not proper, k? =)
good job! tqvm =) may Allah bless.

this is da 1st week of a new sem,
living as 3rd yr student, Pua Chu Kang said, "don't play2 ha!" :D hehe
fuh~ such a great week,
all emotions mixed up,
all problem meet error, undefined, no solution. ya Allah.
thx Allah it's not bout study, as study just begin, some of da classes had just covered intro, so, it's still in a good shape, insya Allah.
i think da best solution for those undefined probs would be, think positive n dua', =)
that's all =)

hey problem, i got Allah =)
then probs will reply, ting! problem solved!
=) fuh~~ yeay! that's good. =)

but then still sorry for those who were/will (shouldn't be will, but in case it's happening again, i'm sory in da first place, seriously,asif jiddan) affected by it,
chungmal biyanea,
asif jiddan,
i'm very sorry,
maaf sgt2,

sincerely from my heart,
n thx 4 ur patient,
thx 4 ur kindness,
only Allah can repay it back to u,
may bless of Allah always b with u,=)

keep calm 'aqilah, even it's too hard, n heavy to hold.
get a grip ;)
keep smiling =) for u, urself n for others.
b good!


bismillahitawakaltu'alallah =)
asif wa syukran
biyanneyo, sumimasen, arigato ghozaimasu,
plz do forgive me, n forget bout it,
jazakumullahukhairan jaza'.

hv a great life friends ;)