Tuesday, July 24, 2012


awwalan bismillah wa alhamdulillah 'ala kullihal~

khaifahaluk? khair? alhamdulillah =)

ramadhan kareem wa Allahu akram =)

alhamdulillah, it's our 4th day of fasting, hence we should empower ourselves more with regards of 'ibadah, worship to none but Allah.

 [51:56] وما خلقت الجن والإنس إلا ليعبدون

thus, in everything we do, don't forget to renew our intention, lillahita'ala. worship are not limited to prayer only. every single deed that we do, as long as it brings good or put away harm, can be consider as 'ibadah unless ur intention is not for the sake of Allah.

when it comes to fasting month, it is common to see people who looks tired, exhausted, or even tense. even we ourselves sometimes fall in that category. so, to undo this state, just simply smile =), take a deep breath :o and renew our intention lillahita'ala ^_^ for whatever we r doin on that particular time.

while coping with a bz schedule, we should plan our time well. don't just simply take for granted all our leisure time. use 'em wisely and manage urself well. make sure u get enough sleep everyday so that u'll awake with energized mode. 

till then,
take care,

may everything we go through lead us nearer to Allah and His rahmah wa maghfirah. ameen~